September Top Tip

After one of the wettest mid-summers in my experience – with heavy rains and flooding widespread throughout the UK – we can only hope for a late warm spell to brighten the nation’s mood. As we step into the autumn and nature’s natural time for planting there’s no excuse for not taking stock of your garden. Everyone can plant new features, replace the old and buy some quality plants that will transform your garden next year.

Autumn Lawns

As the summer comes to an end, it’s time to prepare the lawn for winter so that it wakes up fresh and green next spring and ready to be an attractive foil to all those spring blooms that will be popping out in March and April.

Use EverGreen Autumn to improve the colour and vigour of your lawn. It will not strengthen grass roots, thicken the lawn and control moss in a single application. If you have an bare patches – don’t forget Patch Magic!

Fruit & Veg

September is one of the best times to reap the reward of your harvest – from conference pears and raspberries to the delights of runner beans and courgettes. It is also the perfect time to pick up seed potatoes to plant for Christmas!

Patio Gardening

Patio pots should now be planted up with all manner of bulbs and topped off with autumn and spring bedding including wallflowers, pansies, violas and polyanthus. This will make a great display that can take over from summer bedding almost immediately.

For a long-lasting display of bulbs it’s worth planting several layers in one pot. Start by adding some compost in a deep pot and then spread out several daffodils at the lowest level. Cover with more compost and then place several tulip bulbs around the compost surface. The final bulb layer could be either miniature daffodils such as Tete-a-Tete or early flowering crocus. Fill up with more compost and then plant up your chosen flowering bedding such as viola or winter pansies.

Check List

  • Plant your spring flowering bulbs
  • Cover up your ponds with netting before leaf fall starts
  • Collect and sow seeds from perennials
  • Clean out your greenhouse and cold frames ready for use in autumn
  • Reap the rewards of your fruit and vegetable patch

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