October Top Tip

Falling leaves, high winds and plenty of autumn rains can be expected in October. Thankfully we can all be blessed with similar amounts of sunshine to balance the wet weather and the soil is an ideal temperature to encourage roots of newly planted shrubs, hedging and other hardy plants.


If the weather is still mild and woody weeds including brambles, nettles and docks are still actively growing then it’s a good time to spray over with Roundup XL Tough & Deep Root Weedkiller to kill off the weed stems, foliage and roots.


All clay pots are subject to damage from frosts as the winter weather will encourage water to freeze and thaw regularly. To minimise any potential damage you can wrap your best containers in bubble wrap material and place each pot on terracotta feet to lift the pots off the surface and improve drainage.


Many roses will produce flowers until Christmas if they are kept tidy and new clean foliage is encouraged. Continue to dead-head all the flower heads by either snapping off the head about 2cm (1in) below the flower head or snipping off the complete flower truss using secateurs. New stems emerging from climbing roses should also be tied in – bending the stem to as near a horizontal position as is possible without snapping the growth in two.


If your lawn hasn’t been fed since summer a dressing of EverGreen Autumn will not only sort out any moss that has become established, but will also provide all the nutrients to harden off growth so your lawn is prepared for all the weather winter can throw at it.


Apply greasebands to apple trees to prevent winter moth caterpillars climbing the trees. If they reach the fruit buds they will attack new foliage and fruitlets as they develop.

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