June Top Tip

The sun will be high on the horizon, providing strong growth stimuli to all your flowers, fruit and vegetables. Whatever the weather, we must still treat water as a precious commodity – saving rain to water butts wherever possible and watering only those plants that need it to survive. The following notes will provide some extra Water Wise ideas for you to be a responsible gardener.


It’s the correct time for planting out into the garden the bevy of beautiful flowers that will decorate our beds and borders for the rest of the summer. Geraniums, petunias, marigolds and verbena are particular favourites nowadays and your garden centre will have a great display to choose from.

TOP TIP: In all the rush to prepare the garden for this summer, don’t forget it’s the perfect time to sow the seeds of wallflowers and other biennials that will bloom next year. Other suitable subjects are foxgloves, Canterbury bells and angelica.


Keep on mowing your lawn regularly to keep it looking tidy. For stronger, healthier grass trim it every week if possible. This routine of taking just a little grass from the top each week will keep the grass stronger than if you scalp the lawn every fortnight. If the weather is turning hot and dry, leave the grass clippings on the surface rather than collecting them in the grass box. The fine clippings will help to shade the soil and help to retain what moisture there is in the lawn.

TOP TIP: Keep the edges of the lawn trimmed sharply with a pair of long-handled edging shears. If you collect up the trimmings from surrounding soil beds you will provide a great visual look that will be the envy of all visitors.


This is one of the busiest times in the vegetable and fruit garden as frosts are now finished and you can plant out all those tender vegetables that will give you exotic tastes from far off countries. We may take tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and sweet corn as the norm, but often fail to realise these aren’t native to northern Europe and need special care and attention to provide edible crops in our short summers.

TOP TIP: Cabbage white butterflies will soon be laying their eggs on the underside of leaves of any of the cabbage family. Crush any eggs seen on the underside of leaves and keep an eye open for emerging caterpillars. When holes start to appear on the leaves of cabbages, sprouts or cauliflower spray the plants with BugClear Gun! for Fruit & Veg (show product)

Check List

  • Plant out summer bedding
  • Cut your lawn at least once a week
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs
  • Keep in control of weeks by hoeing borders regularly
  • Harvest radish, lettuce and other salads

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