July Top Tip

It’s mid summer and it’s time to prepare the garden for holidays and relaxing family times. Hopefully barbecues and outdoor eating will provide enjoyable get-togethers with friends and family and opportunities to show off your beautiful garden and
fine looking lawn to their best advantage.

Garden Borders

Sow seeds of winter pansies, wallflowers and forget-me-nots so that you will have good sized seedlings ready to plant out at the beginning of autumn.

Patio Gardening

Watch out for damage to plants such as busy lizzies, begonia, echeveria and fuchsia caused by the grubs of black vine weevil nibbling away at the roots of vulnerable plants. Check the roots for white C-shaped grubs and then drench the compost with a solution of BugClear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer.

Lawn Care

If you spot a few lawn weeds invading your hallowed turf simply spray the leaves with a selective lawn weedkiller such as Verdone Extra Ready To Use. Spray a few days before the next lawn cutting is due and you will gradually see the broad-leaved invaders fade away.


If you have the space plant out winter green seedlings such a winter cauliflowers, sprouting broccoli, Brussels sprouts and curly kale in firm soil that has been enriched with a Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food.


Weeds that pop up around raspberry and blackberry canes can easily be killed without disturbing the roots if you wet the leaves of unwanted plants with Weedol Rootkill Plus.

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