New arrivals: Beautiful Bougainvillea, one of many amongst our splendid summer species.

New arrivals: Delicate, colourful black eyed Susans.

New arrivals: Charming, climbing, butterfly loving clematis Montana.

New arrivals: A touch of zen in your garden with our Outdoor Bonsai tree range.

Pritchard & Ure’s branching out (side) & is proud to announce ‘The Terrace’ is now open. Enjoy artisan coffees, teas and great food soaking up the sun & the Camden Garden Centre atmosphere.

They are grand. They are floral. Pelargonium grandiflora. Another bright bedding idea.

Busy Lizzies (Impatiens) are back after a 10yr battle with disease. This old fave is in stock but still hard to source so get them quick.

Huge range of veg! Tender veg still on trollies so we can keep them frost free! Also grafted veg with 2 – 3 times the yield!

Stimulate your senses with the sight, scent & sounds of buzzing bees that Lavender delivers. Liven up your outside space!

Herbal infusions for fragrant gardens, patios, balconies, window-boxes, and cooking pots! The Aroma Riserva range. Liven up your outside space!

Camden is Soft-fruit central. Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Grapes, Currents, Figs and more. Liven up your outside space!

Al fresco dining this summer anyone? Coming to your friendly neighbourhood Camden Garden Centre with a view… Soon! Watch this space!

Face facts. Facials for plants? Contemporary containers to say the very least!  Liven up your living space!

Our very own Imogen, fountain of plant knowledge is bang on trend, both in facial fashion and Hoya Linearis #trending right now on Insta! Liven up your living space!

I’M A (garden) FIRE STARTER! 🔥🔥🔥 Bold & beautiful Polyanthus F1 Showstopper fire dragon! The name says it all! 

Bellis Habanera IN STOCK NOW! Liven up your Spring bedding & boxes.

Carnivorous Nepenthes alata. Otherwise known as ‘Monkey jars’, you’d be nuts not to let them in, they thrive indoors naturally cutting down on bugs & liven up your living space.


Lovely reviews from ‘etcetera’ in the Ham & High!

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