Pots & Containers

Pots & Containers

We have an enormous range of containers from around the world – Italy, Tunisia, the UK, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Crete, Pakistan, France, Thailand and Malaysia! Materials used include terracotta and glazed terracotta, granite and zinc, ceramic and glass for indoor use, and of course wood (our recycled whiskey barrels smell delicious!). We always have price promotions throughout the year, many pots at half normal retail price! For roof gardeners where weight is of prime concern we also have a huge range of lightweight plastic, fibreclay and polyterra pots , troughs and window boxes. Balcony gardeners can choose from a variety of specially designed pots and balcony brackets.

Click here to view our full range of Woodlodge pots, most of which we keep in stock or can order for you: www.woodlodge.co.uk

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